We are pleased to share a few testimonials from notes and letters we’ve received, all of which reflect so well on our hardworking Atlee Hill staff.

Dear Jacquelie Nave,

I was told that you were the administrator of Atlee Hill in Westminster, Maryland where my sister received services starting on August 8, 2022 for approximately three weeks. 

I am writing on behalf of my sister Rosemarie and myself, in regard to the wonderful treatment she received from the staff in this facility.  Rose received treatment with the utmost respect and care, far beyond what is provided at similar rehabilitation facilities. It was very obvious that each of the staff cared deeply about the patient they were assisting, without regard to their position or what services they were providing. You could really feel the team effort, as well as the individual effort.

 To have so many highly skilled staff with incredible professionalism at one place is truly a gift that is not to be taken lightly, I know the facility is fairly new, but if the care and cleanliness are maintained, and the staff remain employed and are treated as well as they treat others, this place will be considered the stellar service provider in all of Westminster. 

As Rose’s sister, everyone treated me with the utmost kindness and always kept me in the loop with how she was progressing.  I was so happy to meet some of the kindest and most professional people around, and they did it with total genuineness. I would like to have written a letter for each of the individuals listed below, however I am certain you can see how difficult that would have been given that each one of them deserves the same level of respect and recognition.  

Theresa, LPN
Joe, Day Shift RN
Shawn, Day Shift Technician
Augi, Night Shift Technician
Raine, Evening Shift Technician
Ann, Physical Therapy
Melanie, Occupational Therapy
Gay, Front Desk
Coleton, Front Desk 
Danielle, Nurse Practioner 
Karen, Social Worker

Please keep up the excellent work and know that our experience was just amazing.  May God Bless each of these individuals and may they always remain, as I stated in the topic box, INCREDIBLE!!!!

With respect and gratitude, 
Rose, and her sister Trish

I thank you for the wonderful care I received at your rehab facility.  Everyone was very adept at their work, very polite and preserved my dignity! 

Thank you again and thank the ladies from the VFW especially Nancy, who made my afghan!

Rose Ann S.

I came here after 2 weeks in intensive care…Ann was my physical therapist.

She was very helpful in teaching me how to use oxygen and how to recognize when I needed to rest and why that was important.  The place is extremely clean. 

The people who cared for me were friendly and cheerful.  I think Scott Haswell and Danielle are excellent.

Pearl M.

Danielle (NP) was quick to get the meds needed and was attentive. H was very thorough in reviewing my records and making sure my meds were correct. 

Meals were good and the dietitian personally made sure my special diet needs were met.  Room was cleaned well everyday.  The activities were good.  Love Terries!  I participated in several and loved puzzling in the bright dayroom. 

Great people work here.

Deborah B.