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Theresa Sipes receives Care Bravely Award

Theresa Sipes was awarded a Care Bravely award at LifeBridge Health’s Annual Board Celebration, held at the Marriott in Owings Mills, Maryland, on November 3, 2022.  Each year, only six awards are presented in the areas of Commitment to Excellence, Innovation, Community, Compassion, LifeBridge Health Partners and Patient Experience.

As a team member of Atlee Hill, a wholly owned LifeBridge Health Partner, Theresa received LifeBridge Health Partners award for doing what she does best, going above and beyond in the care she provides.

Theresa began working at Brinton Woods (now Atlee Hill)  as a nurse, in December 2020 – the height of the pandemic.

When families were not allowed to visit, Theresa became a friend and confidant to so many  – a vital “go between” to relay information to families and keep them in touch with their loved ones.

Theresa’s connection to one family was particularly significant, as they worried about the possible decline of their family member due to COVID, including that he may not ever walk again.

Theresa was instrumental in the man’s recovery, eventually sending the family a video of her dancing with this resident. The video was shared by the family and ended up receiving attention and accolades nationwide. With thousands of views, the video epitomized strength, grace, empathy and caring of highest degree and served as an inspiration to those on the front lines during unprecedented times.

Despite the heavy plastic walls and layers of gowns and gloves, Theresa made sure to connect with the people in her care who depended on her both physically and emotionally. 

And, Theresa has continued that devotion in the new facility serving as, what one person describes as, “the Atlee Hill cheerleader” – a role model for the team and a reliable figure so many families and residents depend upon.

Theresa exemplifies the Care Bravely philosophy in every interaction and in every way, every day.

Click here to see the video that Theresa shared with this resident’s family.

Theresa Sipes
Pictured left to right: Neil Meltzer, President, LifeBridge Health; Theresa Sipes; Barry Levin, Chair of the LifeBridge Health Partners Committee and Brian Moffet, LifeBridge Health Board Chair.
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